An exit to the circus with its grandmother, at the age of four years, launches the vocation of Estelle Ramousse.The child, filled with wonder by circassiens, decides that she will work one day in the field of show.

Idea becomes clear during adolescence. Invited to a fancy-dress ball, Estelle Ramousse spends a whole night in front of the sewing machine in order to create a head-dress. The following day, she tells her parents that she knows what she wants to make in life: hats! Her job, the young milliner learns him street of Courcelles, in Christiane’s workshop and Marinette Bernardini, as part of a work-based learning. Immediately having taken his CAPE down, in 1989, to the Employers’ federation of Parisian sewing, Estelle Ramousse begins sharing the heart between his two love affairs: show and fashion. In 1992, she creates the black head-dresses of the singers of Rodrigue and Chimène, staged by Georges Lavaudant to the Opera of Lyons. In 1995, she is part of milliners who collaborate with Alfredo Arias when he takes up madman des Folies to Madness Wing chairs. From 1999 till 2002, Estelle Ramousse leaves in worldwide tour with the show Triptyk of the equestrian theatre Zingaro. At the same time, she accomplishes hats for fashion designers of the ready-to-wear clothes.