Beginner and advanced classes
in hat making and headwear accessories

Estelle Ramousse was the recipient of an award to study for one year in the fashion and hat industry in 1989 by the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne.  She then began to do Specialized and Haut Couture items for the fashion industry while also expanding into television advertising, feature film and eventually the coveted Opera National de Paris.

An equestrian theatre company called Zingaro contacted to Estelle in 1999 to create all the elaborate head gear for their tour.  Upon completion of the contract, she was asked to join the company and this began a three year adventure on tour with Zingaro.  Come 2004, she opened a private workshop within Paris to continue her work which eventually led to her being asked to serve as a professor in 2009. Fully enjoying the experience of interacting with the next generation of progressive artists, she launched her own training program based from her Parisienne workshop. Estelle organizers her teaching into the production of models with hands-on instruction and has subsequently trained people from the US, China,  Japan, Australia and all of Europe.

She has an unconditional love and appreciation for the ‘Country & Western’ aesthetic and is drawn to the anything that expresses the flavour of ‘Big Sky Country’.

Enter the world of the expert milliner and create stylish caps, berets and wide-brimmed hats for all types of occasions, or update those that you already wear.Estelle Ramousse invites you into her Paris workshop, and reveals the secrets of her age-old trade. Follow her ste-by-step instructions to gain expert advice on the millener’s tools, equipment and basic techniques, and create hats brimming over with elegance and originality.

Estelle Ramousse shares her expertise in her showroom-workshop in Paris. An introduction to basic millinery techniques : drafting a pattern, cutting and stitching, molding on a block, theatrical and fashions hats, headwear accessories, from the prototype to the finished article…

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